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Sunday, April 23, 2006

OH SHIT - What the f @%&*

What a way to screw up an evening? Picture this....you go out for an evening to enjoy some entertainment and have some drinks and laughs. You are there with you sister, friend, best friend(Rachael), and scuba Steve. The evening gets better as other friends arrive. Mark, and roommates (Matt and Brian). Andie arrives and the gang is complete. As the evening progresses, the entertainment starts to get better... or was that the drinks? We talk to people from HS and one of my employees that had a B-day. All and all the evening was going well. Then, it came out of nowhere.....Attention guests...if you are the owner of a silver Altima in the parking lot behind the salon, your car window has been busted out and you may want to check it out. I immediately left everyone at the table and walked outside. Sure enough, it was my car. I was pissed. Why would anyone want my stuff? I then realized that I had gone back to the car to get my cell phone and clearly put my purse back under the seat. SOMEONE WAS WATCHING ME!!!
It took about one hour for the cop to get there, so I had my dad go to my house b/c my keys were in my purse. Rachael, Steve, Matt, and Brian went to my house to relieve him and wait for further instructions. They were on a mission of keeping the peace at my house. I was happy to have so many people watching out for me. I eventually got home to hang with them, only to find an attractive man doing my dishes. YES! I thought that I was dreaming too. But it actually was Matt doing my dishes b/c he feels that they should be clean. He really surprised me b/c I expected him to be more attentive to Natalie b/c she has the looks. He also seems quiet and sweet. I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued for more. At the Daquiri shop he was quiet but still was involved in the conversations. Well, all-in-all, I think there may be something good coming out of this evening after all. So, Oh Shit, what the F @&#* maybe I will win this man over. I wouldn't mind trying, he definitely seems worth it. Thanks Rachael, this one maybe a winner!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who the Hello Are You, and Where Have You Been?

Sorry it has been so long? I have been busy at work and staying busy after it. I have thought a lot about you lately and wanted to take the time to write. First, a lot has changed in my love life. I am not seeing T-ROY that lives in the Barry. We still talk occasionally and I still have his numbers. The distance was too much and I didn't have deep chemistry for him. We got along really well and still talk well together, but the magic isn't there, you know what I mean? Tony has started to call me and started things up with me. I have kept that a secret for awhile. I realize that things don't really change with him. I understood that people don't change, but wanted to see if he could. Honestly, I just can't put my head around the fact that I can't see us traveling outside the US and raising kids together. Granted we would have beautiful kids, and as many as I wanted, but there are other things in life. So, at this point I am going with the flow and seeing how my job, house, friends, and family take me. Who knows, maybe I will meet someone soon. I am still doing Eharmony for now - I will keep you posted. Second, my current situation has changed for the long term. I have paid things off, granted my dad helped on two major things. I look forward to paying off another thing when my tax return comes in. I think that I can comfortably stay in the house for a while. My sister will be staying here for a while longer than she initially thought, so that will help. The idea of living with my parents again was not something that was not appealing. My friends are always busy now. I guess that is the price of getting older, lives change. I barely see Rachael any more. Well you know, a few times a week. Please, we use to see each other a lot more. I am proud of her and what she and Steve have done together. I can only wish that I can have something that great one day. I know that God will bless them with what they are truly seeking one day. I never talk to Jennifer....forget about us seeing each other. I guess that really started when she graduated college and got with Brian. We have different lives and I feel that I barely know her. If I got married tomorrow, she would be there and involved, but what happens years from now? Will we still be the same people. I don't know....It makes me sad to think that we don't keep in touch any more. I only know about her life because of Rachael. She is our glue. Andrea and I spend more time together now a days. She is involved with Mary Kay cosmetics and I go to all the gatherings as her guest. It has been fun. I may join their ranks and sell cosmetics. Hey, I know that I can do sales. I will let you know. As far as friends go, Andrea holds no opinion about my life, just enhances it. She is a great friend too. Lastly, I am thrusting myself into work b/c the lack of social friendships these days. I do all that I can and work as much as I can. I am truly dedicated to it. I meet all kinds of people and kids..it has been a blessing. We are gearing up for the summer - last year we had about 230 kids coming through our center per week, with three Directors there. This year there are only two of us and we already are at 130 kids coming through. We are a little scared about summer b/c we know it will be big. Just keep working, working, working....
I will talk to you all later, I am tired but feel better talking about my life and changes. I just want to keep you updated. Next time, we have to talk about the reunion coming up. YIKES!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

When the moon hits your eye.....That's amour`

In the true spirit of Valentines Day, I must discuss my new 'love' for life. As you know, I joined EHarmony last month. I have met a wonderful man that is well educated and is family oriented. He and I have so much in common with our interests and future goals in life. We are so good and perfect together that it is kind of scary to believe that we have such a good relationship with potential.We do have our faults with musical interests and movie choices, but it works beautifully. I have never had a relationship like this before and look forward to spending more time with him and his family. YES! I said his family. I met them last weekend and had a great time. This weekend I will see them again at HIS FAMILY Mardi Gras party. Lord, please help me to avoid temptation to a drunken stupor. I don't want a repeat of when he met my family. We were drinking heavily thanks to Rachael. How many different wine bottles did we go through - thanks. LOL I am eager to see how relaxed and tipsy his family gets at parties.
We have been so happy and comfortable - it has been an 'easy' going relationship. Thank you EHarmony and anyone else that had a prayerful hand in our meeting. I will keep you updated and make sure you can meet him soon. Keep you fingers crossed for mine and TROY's relationship to be long-lasting.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Country Wedding

Hello everyone - It has been a while. I wanted to inform you about the wedding that I attended last weekend. I traveled to Delhi, which is located about 35 miles East of Monroe. My old friend Samantha got married. I was excited to hear b/c it was a long time coming. She and her man have lived in Delhi for 3-4 yrs. They have a son, Thomas who is adorable and looks like a great combination of them both. I met up with our friend Brian and his friend from Atlanta there, in Delhi. We ate dinner Fri after the rehearsal that I missed. We also went to the only gay bar in Monroe to check out the locals. It was interesting b/c there wasn't a lot of people there. In BR and GA, the gay bars hold hundreds of people. Needless to say, we drank, danced, and went back to the hotel. Brian was nice enough to share his room with me so that I didn't have to get my own. On Sat. morning, we went to the Monroe zoo. That was fun although the elephants weren't out. They actually have a boat tour that you can take around the zoo - it was closed b/c of the cold weather. We went out for lunch, got Sam's wedding present, and then went back to the hotel to drop off Karen, Brian's friend. Brian and I went to the mall to get clothes for him to wear to the wedding. I had to get my nails done while we were there. We then went back to get ready for the Sat. night wedding. The ceremony was short and sweet. The bridesmaides and groomsmen were appropriately dressed and looked great. The organ/pianist was not that great, we couldn't stop laughing until the ceremony started. I took lots of pictures of the dresses and moments of the wedding. Samantha's family looked beautiful and well dressed. The grooms side looked like that just got back from the trailer hoedown. I like the groom but know little of his family. They were not dressed to impress and even wore WHITE JEANS - who wears white jeans much less at a wedding. I was not impressed, not that impressing me was their concern. I just can't understand how you could look in the mirror and say, Yes I think these white jeans are very good and mom says this purple spandex shirt and skirt is very appropriate. It was country...... The reception was at Sam's parents new house - fabulous. It was on the lake and was two stories. The top floor was a lofty - open floor plan. The main floor had a large living room and kitchen. There was a basement that went out to the lake and had two rooms with a large den room. On the main floor, there was even a wrap-around porch out back. It was the most beautiful house I have spent time in. It had lots of family space and thought out planning with the deck. We went back to the 'bar' Saturday for more fun. I didn't drink as much. Sun morning we left. All - in-all, the weekend was long, tiring, but nice. I was ready to come home when it was all over with.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sorry it has been so long...

I realized that I have spent lots of time since New Years at work. It has been nuts and extremely busy. Report cards came out. Therefore, we are flooded with tests and meetings. I hope this is for the best and we get lots of opportunities to help these kids.

I have also started e-Harmony. It has been a while coming. The last few relationships that I have had haven't been significant. At the time, I felt good about it but realized that these men were not marriage material as time progressed. I am hoping for the best. If I don't meet my partner for life, that is ok because i feel that the overall experience with be life-changing. I will make every moment count and take whatever learning experience I can from it. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I found out last week that one of my old friends Samantha is getting married. It is about time because she and Dax have been together for several yrs. I can't wait to see her and will take many pictures of the weekend. My sister and I spent another weekend discussing her wedding. I am so happy to be involved with this wedding. It reminded me of Rachael's and hopefully will be as fun. Keeping with a modest budget is proving to be challenging but she will splurg where it is most important. I will keep you posted on upcoming events.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Beginnings?

Rachael and I have started the New Year right. We spent New Years night together at her and Steven's friends house. They had a bonfire! Go Shannon and Josh and fire-jumping man with a death wish!

Tonight there was some kind of SEC championship game on......I wasn't aware that it was important. Basically another excuse to get people together to eat, talk, and have fun. The women stayed in the kitchen for the most part. I eventually had to leave b/c of work tomorrow. All in all it was nice to hang with friends of theirs. I have met some really nice people lately and hope to hang out with them more. What is in store for this year? I know that I keep asking, but maybe I will get a good answer eventually. I am looking forward to meeting new people and having more good times.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So far, so good?

I thought that it would be nice to start the year with a comic strip that would make you laugh. I will try to include one each time I correspond.

So far, January feels like the same month as December did. (SSDD) I hope that I can get back into the swing of things at work. I only went in for 5hrs today and will only work on Thur and Sat. This should be a good transition back to work. How is your transition going? Is it hard to get back into the swing?

Do you have any plans for this month to make it a good start to the new yr?

I will be going to a bridal show with my sister this weekend. My uncle is in from Chicago and I look forward to spending time with him. I will see how it goes. I am praying that this year is better than last year.